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          October is

   Domestic Violence

    Awareness Month




*****Our Door Project*****

Behind Closed Doors:

The Journey from Domestic Violence

Victim to Survivor

A Door. A Suitcase.

Picture a women. Living in Fear. Every breathe of every second of every day she lives in fear of the person she loves.

She is filled with hope; she is filled with despair – a seesaw of emotion that accompanies the bruises, the burns, and the scars to her body…to her heart.

One day she finally finds the courage to walk through the door, taking with her only a suitcase filled with years of living.


The Door is being displayed currently:

 Clay County Health Dept from
October 7th through October 13th 2014

Clay County Department of Social Services from
October 14 through October 20th 2014

First Citizens Bank
October 21st through October 31st 2014

Survivors are invited to sign the back of the door. ********************** 

The Exhibit is meant to be touched and

accessible to the viewing public.

Observers are encouraged to  “Take the Journey” and walk through the door, open the suitcase, look at the contents.


The suitcase symbolizes the life of the women traveling from victimization to freedom from an abusive relationship.

 She may have finally broken free from the past, but the memories will always be with her.