Traveling Postcards                                                          
A Women’s Wisdom Initiative


The intimate knowledge women pass down between female relatives, and between close friends, is a wisdom that comes from the heart and has the possibility to heal and transform lives.

Caroline Lovell, Founder

What is Traveling Postcards?


Through our creative workshops, we provide opportunities for anyone to discover their wisdom and to see that their voice matters.

  We answer the question:
                        What can
I do?

         “In this life we cannot do great things. We can
                only do small things with great love.”
                          Mother Teresa

LEADERSHIP - We watch and marvel as our participants see their reflections and become leaders, developing new opportunities in their own communities for positive change. 

EDUCATION - Exposure to humanitarian issues that affect women worldwide. Personally connecting to the issues you care about with an open heart. Sharing your voice and being seen. -

HOPE - A reminder that we are never alone, but part of a larger circle.  Art is able to translate beyond language and communicate a much larger vision of personal connection.

Art Heals - Brings beauty & light.

        ~ Breaks down structures to create new ones.

            ~ Provides choice & decision making opportunities.

                ~ Boosts pride & self confidence.

                                    What Do We Do?

Hundreds of unique, hand made Art Postcards, containing words of compassion and solidarity are created in our workshops and in living rooms and kitchens. Everywhere! And delivered all over the world as gifts of solidarity  to women and girls whose lives have suffered from isolation, violence or repression.  Bringing awareness, hope, visibility, beauty and an invitation to share their voices with the world.

We conduct Traveling Postcard workshops throughout the year

Typically during April's Sexual Assault Awareness Month October's Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

*All Services, Workshops & Trainings Are Offered Free of Charge
Traveling Postcard Facilitator @
                                        (828) 389-0797 for more information