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Inconceivable - Art Exhibit at the Mountain Crowns Showroom

Inconceivable is an art exhibit that puts violence against women in the spotlight.

October 1 - November 5, 2022

Wednesday - Saturday: 10 am - 4pm

Sunday: 12pm - 4pm

or by appointment

Opening Day: October 1, 5pm - 8pm

As part of our Salon Series, "Calling All Women," celebrating the feminine through art, Mountain Crowns recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month. On display is Inconceivable, a larger-than-life, five-painting series from the collection of REACH of Clay County.

The artist, who wishes to remain anonymous, used multiple techniques. The effect is powerful - various colors of monochrome with the exception of expressive eyes and evidence of abuse in strong coloration.

The series took eight months to complete.

Directed by Judith Alvarado, REACH of Clay County offers emergency shelter and advocacy to people experiencing domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

To learn more, explore our site or call 828-389-0797.

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